Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Chronicles of an Independent Author

001---My name is Steve Karmazenuk and I am a writer
002---Vanity and Self-Publishing
003---Online Publishing
004---Copyrights : What [I think] You Need To Know
005---The Experiment
006---The Experiment: Acquiring a Barcode (Part One)
007---The Experiment: Acquiring a Barcode (Part Deux)
008---The Experiment : The Print On Demand Controversy
009---The Experiment : The Leap of Faith
010---Words of Wisdom
012---The Experiment : The Leap of Faith (An Update)
013---Dear Sir or Madam, did you read my book?
014---The Experiment : ALWAYS Read the Fine Print
015---No need to report that until we have something to report
016---The Experiment : Update on New Year's Eve 2005
017---The Experiment : The Work Isn't Over When The Writing is Done
018---A Great Big Post About a Lot of Different Stuff
020---But Other Than That, I'm Having A GOOD Day.
021---Realizing How Fucked I Am Now...
022---Bookmarks, Coffee and MySpace Bring Success
024---The Experiment : The Coundown Begins
025---Launch Date Confirmed...
026---And We Are in Operation...sort of...
027---Launch of the Official Site for "The Unearthing"
028---The Experiment : Advice on Publish America
029---The Unearthing? Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind
030---Ongoing Attempts to Raise My Visibility
031---The Unearthing Now Available As A Free Ebook Download
032---Why E-publish? Why not!
033--430 Strong, and Growing
034--Always Another Way

More to come...