Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Round of Updates Done

As you may have noticed, the first round of updates to the look of this weblog are done. There are new links, outdated links are gone, the site has been retooled somewhat, and I've added a list of blogs I read and things from the Internet Tubes that I like.

I will, eventually, be migrating my "Chronicles of an Independent Author" to its own blog, and cross-posting from there to here, as I do want the Kspace Universe to remain my primary weblog.

I'm still open to any suggestions you may have on ways to improve this weblog further; links you'd like to see, features you'd enjoy seeing, questions, comments, observations...anything.

I'm still writing; I peg away a couple of pages a day during my lunch hour on my current new project, I spend the weekends dithering with "The Darkness And The Stars", the forthcoming follow-up to "The Unearthing". Likewise, "Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind" is insisting that I start to pay attention to it, and "Crossroads" is going to [eventually] return from the dead, no pun intended...

I'm not one to write about works-in-progress, and I'm not here to talk at you about proper writing technique, seven ways to improve your grammar, the importance of character development or how to write an effective, exciting and erotic sex scene. I'm of the opinion that one either can or cannot write well, and the focus of this weblog has always been a chronicle of the things I am trying to get my work read by as many people as possible, with the eventual goal of maybe making more than a buck or two while doing it.

Unfortunately, that does leave for some lag time between posts, and then a burst of several posts in a short period of time before another large lag. Those of you who have borne with me so far, thank you. Those of you new to the process, feel free to browse the archives; the Chronicles of an Independent Author are there to be read, so feel free to do so.

Also, in the interests of value-added blogging, please feel free to suggest content or content ideas. What can I bring to you, dear reader, to make your experience more enjoyable?

Everyone who suggests something will get a free copy of The Unearthing ebook.

Monday, July 21, 2008

iWant Apple Stuff

iWant Apple stuff...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Michael Bay's Rejected Bat Man Script

Something to tide you all over until the release of The Dark Knight.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Weblog Retooling...

I'm beginning to plot out a reorganization of this weblog's layout. I'm hoping that, sometime this weekend or next, I will have completed this concept map, and will then implement the changes.

Because of the ease of use of Blogger software, that should only take three or five hours of my life.

WHAT WILL CHANGE: the links. Namely, I will be removing any and all links that are no longer relevant to the Kspace Universe. The links to "The Unearthing" will remain, and will be joined by permalinks to CONFRONT Magazine and to PHYTE. The Chronicles of an Independent Author will remain, though I will eventually be retooling the look of that, as well, by turning it into a full sub-blog of Kspace Universe. I will be adding links to various things Facebook and Twitter, as well as links to my favourite haunts of the Internet. The reference guide for writers will be truncated and later incorporated into "Chronicles", where it more properly belongs.

The gold-on-black motif will remain the same, though I may lay things out differently. And I will be creating a labels list and other doo-hickeys, as time goes on. Likewise, I am open to any suggestions you, the reader, may have, with regards to layout, linkage, widgets or content. Please provide links and show your work.

That's all for now; I'm off to try and sleep.