Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sage advice

I'll let the link speak for itself; I agree wholeheartedly with the author.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The New Look (Still under renovation)

I am pleased to introduce the new Kspace Universe website.

I have created a link to The Omniverse, the series launched in 2006 with The Unearthing. From the left-hand column, you will be able to link to the free download site for that book, as well as its forthcoming follow-up novel, Through Darkness and Stars.

The next phase of operations will see the inclusion in the left column of a link list to all the articles I've written for CONFRONT Magazine, as well as other writing that I've done.

When it's ready, you'll also be able to find a link to the forthcoming full ebook of Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind, as well as news on the project to turn that into a movie.

The right column right now features feed links and blog search, and I will shortly be including links to sites, people and things I find interesting. The right column will also have other features, to be added later on.

While this will continue to be my primary writing weblog, I will be devoting The Omniverse blog to writing about that series, so be sure to subscribe to both or check back often.

As to the Chronicles of an Independent Author, well, I have come to realize that this blog is that chronicle, even when I'm not blogging about writing. The Chronicles may not live on in a formalized format, but they are here, in the blog archive, and with every new post I write.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A change is coming...

As you can see, things are beginning to shift...change is coming to this blog...

Thursday, July 02, 2009


I got my Canada Day present a little late:

From Le Soleil. English commentary by Moi.

Une vingtaine de manifestants du Réseau de résistance du Québécois (RRQ) et du Mouvement de libération nationale du Québec (MLNQ) ont présenté leur butin de drapeaux canadiens (150 petits et une dizaine de grands) aux médias mercredi midi, devant le Musée des beaux-arts.

Well, that's a lot less than the 2000 flags that our friends in the RRQ claimed! I assume that they didn't bother to take their shoes and socks off before they started counting.

Ces drapeaux, «pas achetés, pas donnés, mais qui ont été pris», seront retournés au gouvernement fédéral.

Good news for Canada! Not only will they now have two hundred flags to recycle and/or reuse, but as the flags were, by the admission of the RRQ STOLEN.

This means three things:

(1) The Canadian environment will benefit from less pollution as these flags are reintroduced into the Canadian industry, in one form or another.

(2) As they have now admitted to having committed acts of vandalism and theft, these RRQ members are now all guilty of criminal acts! We can therefore file police reports against them, and take legal civil action against them on behalf of the victims of these acts of vandalism and theft. Canada benefits once again, when they are jailed and/or fined for their actions.

(3) The Canadian flag industry will now have that many more orders to fill for Canadian flags. From manufacture to distribution, to wholesale and onto retail, all levels of the Canadian and World economies (given most of our flags are made in China) will now benefit!

Keep it up, brave men and boys of the RRQ! You're doing Canada proud!