Friday, September 25, 2009

Life Continues its Pesky Interruptions

So despite my hopes, I'm not yet back on schedule.

The crap and chaos of the last couple of weeks continues, apparently unabated despite everything being done to prevent it.

Those who follow my Tweets above know that thanks to the psychotic imbecile in the basement apartment--who incessantly hoards junk--the entire building was infested with bedbugs.

We were given two days to prep for the fumigation. Two days, in which we had to wash absolutely every scrap of clothing, bedding, towels and fabric in super-hot water, hot-dry and then then seal everything into plastic bags, move all the furniture away from all the walls.

Not to mention that this damnable fumigation cost me the opportunity to visit with some dear, old friends who were premiering their first film, the documentary Shwatarded at the Toronto International Film Festival. Needless to say the junk-hoarding schizoid in my basement is now at the top of my shit list.

On the day of the fumigation, Angel had to pack off to a hotel for 24 hours, I had to evacuate the cats into the pouring rain then waiting 4 hours before it was safe for me to go back in and put everything back together again.

After the fumigation and a much-needed day of rest, I managed to finish the transcript of my conversation with Will and Simon from Amazing Baby, for CONFRONT Magazine as well as my usual weekly music review. I've had no time to work on the "Nevermind" ebook, or anything else since. I'm hoping to get to the cafe tomorrow, but that will depend on a few other factors.

However, the fumigation story is far from over, as we've just been notified that they have to come back in two weeks to fumigate again, because there are at LEAST two apartments that still have bedbugs, including the bastard in the basement, who apparently had (presumably still has) a considerably large colony of the things living in his soiled mattress.

That vulgar little outrage aside, things have been going great. Once this asinine shit is dealt with, maybe I'll be able to get back to my life.

Either way, I'll keep you all posted.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life Interrupts Again

A chain of avoidable and wholly unforeseen circumstances has seen me having to put all current writing projects on hold.

With a brief respite tomorrow only from the chaos that is currently at the heart of this maelstrom, it looks like things will only begin to return to normal this Friday.

I might try to sneak in some writing tomorrow, but right now I just need some rest and recuperation.

I hope to be back on schedule before the end of next week.

I will keep you posted in any case.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Word verifications go too far

You know those damn word verification jpegs you have to read and write out in order to prove to some message boards you're not a bot? They've gotten really fucking ridiculous now:

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Gender Biais in MS Word

So, one of the characters in "The Aeons War" is spoken about in the third person, capitalized--such as in the Bible, when they talk about Jesus, they always refer to Him instead of him, His work instead of his work, etc.

The thing is, according to MS Word you can only write that way about men. Whenever I make reference in the third person, capitalized for the character in question (who happens to be a woman) MS Word returns an error underline; apparently it feels that it is incorrect to ever refer to a woman as Her instead of her, She instead of she.

I've disabled the insipid auto-correct, but the scraggly green line insistently pops up under every instance of a capitalized third person gender feminine word. Most annoying; thought I would share.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Coming Soon...