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Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Experiment

Over the coming weeks, I will begin research for my latest writing project. As I research things, I will also be moving forward, step by step, with said same project.

I have recently acquired an ISBN for The Artifact. The ISBN was provided free of charge by the National Library of Canada. With the acquisition of an ISBN, The Artifact now has its own unique identifier, recognized in over 160 countries all over the world. The story was copyrighted years ago, and although I have recently hosted it on (where it will remain) I have decided to begin a print run of the story.

I will chronicle the experiences here in ){-space. This way, instead of relaying information to you in a "theoretical" format, I will actually take you, step-by-step through the process of printing, distributing and marketing The Artifact.

Some things I need to consider:

--Finding an affordable Print on Demand publisher.

--Manuscript formatting

--Acquiring a UPC code for the book

--Getting distribution

--Marketing and selling enough copies of the book to break even.

Of course these are just the issues I can think of, off the top of my head. As I move forward with the experiment, I will, of course, undoubtedly discover more problems, issues, and disasters-in-waiting.

All of them will be posted as they happen, here.

What I want to accomplish in this, besides selling The Artifact, is to establish myself as an independant author. Most importantly, I hope to lead by example, start a movement: I hope to show you how it can be done; I hope to start a movement that will change the way publishing is done.

I hope that other writers languishing in obscurity will take control of their fates, write what they want to write, publish what they have written and show the supposed literati that success comes not from appealing to the lowest common denominator, but by producing quality storytelling.


Anonymous said...

It's ToJ here. I wish you luck with your quest, man. Quite a few great authors have made their breaks self publishing. I disagree with you on one thing, however - living in societies with profit motivation, the lowest common denominator is what works and what people will go with. It's the most efficient way to make money, by appealing to the most people. Hate to get all anti-capitalist on you, but its the honest truth. As long as corporations or businessmen/women with profit as their motivation continue to run anything, things of artistic merit will not be valued over things that make money.