Friday, December 09, 2005

No need to report that until we have something to report

Once again, let me apologize for the long delay between posts. I have spent the last two weeks going through communications with my soon-to-be publishers, Publish America.

Mainly, because of some sort of email server issue for which of course my email provider, Bell Sympatico of course denies all responsibility. And we believe them, don't we boys and girls?

Anyway, I digress: I've completed an agreement in principle to publish my novel! My contact at Publish America had sent me a sample contract last monday, and that's when I started reviewing it and doing some research.

The first concern I had was with the seven year duration of the contract; seven years is as long as it took me to write the book. But my friends in Toronto Kevin and his wife Tammie did a little research and found out from people who work in publishing that 7 years is a pretty standard length of time.

TerishD who also publishes with Publish America told me I'd have input on the cover design, which was another concern of mine.

My friend Tom wanted me to find out about the ebook and audiobook rights, which I found out from Publish America I retain 100% full rights on.

The other concerns I had will be addressed at a later time, mainly because much will depend on the time it takes the book to be produced and the page count the finished book will have when produced.

So now I have until February 1st to reformat the book according to Publish America's requirements. When that's done I'll send it off to Publish America, and The Artifact, which will henceforth be known as The Unearthing. This last because there's already a number of titles published by PA that have the word "Artifact" in the title.

Either yesterday or on this coming Monday, a written contract will be in the mail for me to sign and return.

Now, as I still retain ebook and audio book rights, this is another means for me to make some money and spread the news about my book and I am already working on ideas on marketing and promotion.

How to describe how I feel? Happy, accomplished and already looking ahead. Because Publish America doesn't get much respect from the big bookstores, I'll have to fight an uphill battle for sales and recognition. I don't really care, though. I'm officially a published author, and my success is now up to me.

This chronicle will continue.


Anonymous said...

my only consern, to Tom's point (I think) is that they will own all rights to the book on-line and off for seven years. which means you can't sell it even if they give up on ya. but... it's better than 7 years of frustation on you back. besides it's not like you don't have any other books just waiting to be published


Anonymous said...

that might be a drawback but you have already waited this long Go for it!