Tuesday, July 25, 2006

...Whenever I damn well please, THAT's When!

If you've already read this post, please check the update notice at the bottom.

Well, the way I see it, if JK Rowling can use that answer when she's asked when she's going to finish the next Harry Potter book, I can CERAINLY use than answer when asked when I'll be updating this blog.


Oh, okay...

Let me then apologize to you, dear readers (All six of you) for not having updated sooner.


No, really!

See, I started a new job.

And my darling Angel has started a new magazine.

Which meant we had to get a new computer.

And I had to load Microsoft Office onto it.

So, yes: we now have two computers. However, we still don't have a router, so only one of us can be online at a time. As she has been diligently at work setting up the magazine, Angel has needed the 'net more often than I, so for the most part when I have a chance to go online it's usually just to waste time as opposed to do anything as responsible as update my weblog.

However, with both of us having otherwise completely unfettered access to computers, I've been unusually productive of late, with regards to my writing. I've been going great guns transcribing The Darkness and the Stars from longhand into the computer.

Likewise, now that Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind is squared away and up and running on PHYTE magazine, I've got no roadblocks left to my creative processes.

And considering that for over a year now every fucking time I sit down to try and write a new, original story it always ends up wadded up and thrown in the trash, I'm also quite happy to report that I have been working diligently on the outline for a brand new novel! Yay me!

Anway, that's it from me. I promise to try and be a little more diligent about updating regularly in the future.


News of a most anticipated nature!

I've just gotten 'round to checking my email and PUBLISH AMERICA HAS SENT ME MY PAGE PROOF COPY OF THE UNEARTHING!!!

So now begins the job of proofing my novel!


Wednesday, July 05, 2006


...heard back from my contact at Publish America; The Unearthing is now with a proofer, who will be getting in touch with me once the initial proofreading is done!

Moving forward at a snail's pace, yes, but MOVING FORWARD NONETHELESS!

...stay tuned...