Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Words of Wisdom

I started a thread on the Free Writers' Forum message boards about my ongoing hunt for a POD / DIY printer.

I feel that the following words of wisdom by TerishD, a FWF forum regular, should be shared with all my readers:


Ignore labels (self-published, vanity press, etc.), since most people (I mean 95%+) don't know the difference in any publisher. The only difference is whether or not you are on the store shelves (or listed in book clubs).

What you should care about:

1) Quality of printing. Buy some books from the company. Note that this will also tell you the quality of your fellow authors.

2) RETURN POLICY. If your publisher does not, they are behind the times.

3) Who does the cover. The cover of your book is important.

Factors to consider:

A) Discount to retailers (and yourself). A low discount does mean a low book price, but many retailers won't touch without AT LEAST 40%. That discount is how everyone else (besides the publisher) makes money (yes, you make a royalty, but you are really an expense to the publisher).

B) Quality of website. I am not talking about yours, but the publisher. Is this a site that will promote sales (yours and other authors)?

Yes, I know that it comes down to a coin toss (or die roll), but that is life.