Saturday, January 27, 2007


From the following web address, you will be able to purchase The Unearthing online for the lowest price I have thusfar been able to find, other than my own, which is $20.00 USD plus S&H.

The site is called, and The Unearthing can be found there, at

I'll shortly have a permalink to their site on the right-hand section of this site.

Friday, January 26, 2007

An open letter to George Walker Bush...

George Walker Bush in his own words...and me in mine.

"I'm the decision-maker; if somebody's trying to harm our troops, or stop us from achieving our goal, or killing innocent citizens in Iraq, we will stop them,"

Let's break that one down, shall we?

I'm the decision-maker

Uhh, no, you're not. Congress, not the President, has final say on ALL matters relating to military activity.

if somebody's trying to harm our troops

I'm with you so far...

or stop us from achieving our goal

What? WHAT?

Stop you from achieving your goal?

WHAT goal, exactly?

There never WERE any WMD in Iraq. Saddam Hussein did NOT purchase yellow cake uranium from Africa. There was never a link between Iraq and Osama Bin Laden's Reagen-led Republican government-sponsored Afghan hit-squad-turned-terrorists, Al Queda. But back then when they were your daddy's friends they were called the Mujahadeen. There never was any attempt to kill your father, nor did you did not liberate Iraq from a dictator, the men and women who have died, the men and women whose BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS that YOU sent into Iraq, without UN sanction, without the approval of a majority of the world's population and without the will of the American people OR the RULE OF LAW, were not greeted as liberators and showered with rose petals, but were instead seen as an occupying force by a foreign agressor and butchered by roadside bombs.

They are not your lives to deal out, Mister President.

You have no right to send them to their deaths based on a vulgar LIE.

There is no mandate, on Earth or in Heaven, by ANY rule of law, that allows you or the Office you are currently tarnishing, to barter away human lives based on your own selfish, narrow-minded and zealous ambitions. You are either an ignorant, incompetant fool, or a clever, parasitic monster, Mister President. Which is it, and which will History truly remember you as?

or killing innocent citizens in Iraq, we will stop them,

I am sickened, SICKENED, sir, that you prioritize keeping safe the lives of those you swore you were liberating so lowly on your list. More Iraqi children, women and men have died, because of YOUR lies, in Iraq, these last three hellish years, than died during the last two decades of Saddam Hussein's rule. And the last time the Hussein-led Baath ruling party exterminated their own Kurdish civilians, it was with the tacit approval of the Reagen-led Republican ruling party, using BANNED CHEMICAL WEAPONS they BOUGHT from the Reagen-led Republicans, for use on the Soviet-backed Iranian people, during the Iran-Iraq war. Come on; we know that gassing the Kurds was one of Hussein's conditions for buying the gas. Christ, Dick Cheney's best friend in the oil money theivery business, Donnie Rumsfeld, shook hands with Saddam himself, to seal the deal.

You've never given a rat's ass about Iraqi men, women, and children. They're just another shade of brown to your eyes, aren't they? Oh, yes, of course you and your Daddy both are fond of your "token negroes", Colin Powell and Condi Rice.

Look after your own kind, right Mister President? There's a lot more shades of brown than their are shades of gray. But I guess you only see everything in terms of black and white, don't you? Was that the lesson learned on Poppa's knee? Or was it Momma, who in her wisdom thinks the Browns are better off living in squalor in the Astrodome (By the way, how big's the stake in that landmark?) than they were living in pre-Katrina New Orleans? Or was that a "joke malfunction"?

Speaking of dear old dad, isn't it funny how your pappy served in World War Two and your Grandpappy made money betraying his country and the world by selling goods to Nazi Germany's war effort; funnier still that you weasled your way out of serving in Viet you and the old man must laugh about that. My father the hero, my son the zero. Admit it, Georgie-boy, you ARE Daddy's Biggest Disappointment, aren't you?

Where did you learn to hate, mister President? And, more importantly, when did you learn not to give a damn?

You have brought shame and disgrace to the Office of the President of the United States, Mister President. "I am the Decider" indeed; such hubris.

The Unearthing
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

SO LONG LOSERS!! Mr Edward Sager has just personally informed me...

...that I have won TEN MILLION EUROS!!

I'm off to the Carribbean to buy an island and build an underwater home!


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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Scary but nonetheless cool...

Today I stumbled across some cool footage of the Eurofighter aircraft, for the EU military.

Now, I have to say that the fighter is of a better design than anything, and is really cool to look at, there is just something rather unsettling about this picture of the Eurofighter Typhoon:

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sixteen Days…thirteen hours…fifty-four minutes…twenty-seven seconds…

...since Christmas ended.

Happy Holidays, Donnie

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another update from the Kspace Universe…

So after an entertaining conversation with one of my counterparts, a truly insane poet named Tammie, I have come up with a new writing project, into which Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind will be retrofitted.

We were discussing mutual friends, and how one of our friends is basically doing the “return to the earth” thing, in of all places, downtown Toronto. I laughingly exclaimed that our friend was “Kibbutzing in Urban Toronto”.

The great ideas are born out of the strangest things…

We are now going to collaborate on a series of novels set in cities around Canada, in different places of note.

Tammie is going to write one named after my exclamation, Kibbutzing in Urban Toronto. In order to introduce the series, Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind will be sub-titled Kibbutzing in Downtown Sainte Anne’s.

Meanwhile, I will be hard at work at either the second or third volume (Depending on which of us finishes first), Kibbutzing in Urban Montreal. This novel will involve a few ideas from a few different stories I’ve tried to write in the last two years. Other than the aforementioned Nevermind and the follow up to my on-sale-now The Unearthing, I’ve not been able to successfully (writing it from beginning to end) complete any writing project I’ve started, since 2005. I think now that with the Kibbutzing series, I may now have an outlet for all these ideas, when filtered into a concept for a “real world” based novel I’ve wanted to write for a while.

The ironic thing is how similar the genesis for this as of yet untitled story is to the genesis of Nevermind

Hopefully we’ll find other authors, and come up with a complete Kibbutzing in Canada series.

However, Margaret Atwood need not apply; madam, you are indeed one of Canada’s greatest authors and post-feminist writers, but your books are just too dull…I may never match your caliber, but I know I’m better at pacing.

In other news, I have to announce that I have discovered the ultimate vengeance. Nearly one year after having been laid off from Bell Canada, I have been hired by a telemarketing campaign to call Bell subscribers and ask them to switch to Rogers…

In the words of the Great Morpheus: Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

And Now For a Post on Technology...

I am not someone who is prone to endorsing products. However, my recent customer experience with Epson Canada has made me decide to endorse them.

My Eson Stylus C88 printer crapped out just before Christmas. Paper would jam up to the left and Bob's your uncle.

So after doing their online tech support, which consists of a comprehensive interactive computer program, I was told to call their tech support line.

I got on with a young man named Edward who was quite helpful, asking me what happened, what I'd tried to do to fix it, and then we did a couple of steps to clear the printer's memory and try again, in case it was a paper guide-memory issue. When that didn't work, he put me on hold, and a couple of minutes later came back and asked me how long I'd had the printer. When I told him he said "Your printer is defective, so we're going to send you a new one. You don't have to return the one you have, in fact, we don't take them back. So in a couple of days you'll get a new printer through Purolator."

I asked him if that meant if I could take apart the one I have now and tinker with it and he said "Sure, if you want. It has a manufacturing defect, so we're sending you a new one."

I am now officially an Epson customer, for life. I really encourage everyone out there to become one, as well.

The other day I went to that Starbucks on Parc and Laurier and a gentleman at a nearby table was working with a Nokia slider phone attached to a QWERTY keyboard:

This particular device and the keyboard aren't yet available in Canada, but hell, do I think it's cool! First, I am a HUGE "Matrix" geek, so slider phones have a fetishistic level of obsession for me. Second, the fact that you can JACK A KEYBOARD INTO A PHONE is just really fucking cool. Third, this is very similar to the "linx" and "console" technology I described when I first wrote "The Unearthing", some ten years ago.

Just another really cool gizmo that I used to imagine that's now real.

Now, if only they'd come out with fully operational light sabers...