Thursday, September 28, 2006

...And we are in operation--sort of...

Well folks, with the release of The Unearthing imminent, the updates for this weblog will probably be with increasing frequency.

Today, I got my complimentary copies of my book. They came in the mail, just as I was about to leave for work.

My mom was promised the first copy, which leaves me with one. However, on my first order of books -- providing I buy over $50 -- I will recieve a 50% discount.

This, you see, is how Publish America makes most of its money.

Where the shortsighted see a scam, I see an opportunity.

First, I am currently working (Namely asking advice of friends and associates who know something about marketing and publicity) on a marketing strategy that is within my since-losing-my-job-at-Bell finances (piddling to nil), including, of course, sending copies of the book out to be reviewed by certain papers and by certain genre websites, fansites and other online resources, not to mention strategic "dropping" of the book in certain coffee shops, book-stores, planning a waayy cool launch party, etc.

In order to make any of the above marketing strategies (Among others not yet "official") come true, I need to have several copies of the book on hand. I am therefore trying to raise capital to fund a major book purchase. I need money, ladies and gentlemen.

I'm not asking for money, either. I'm asking you to buy books. I am willing to pass my savings onto you. Click on the link at the top of this blog to order my book through me (PayPal required). You'll pay $20.00 USD + S&H; a savings of 20% off Amazon!

Can't afford it? Okay, tell you what: Click on the button ABOVE the blog, the "Donate to Kspace Now" button and send what you want; I'll send YOU an electronic copy of the book (A $12.00 value) absolutely FREE!

Don't want to send money? EMAIL ME with some advice--or the names of people with a lot of disposable income who are looking for a write-off to invest into!

The Internet's kind of like PBS...except I don't have Kermit the Frog to tell you why I need your money to bring you quality programming.

Come on, people! I need you now, more than ever!