Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Dark Side of the Force...Darth Vader being an asshole.

I came across this video while browsing online...the premise is simple: Darth Vader decides to be a dick to General Veers.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Blogging Goes Wireless!


Thanks to the purchase earlier today of a wireless router, my wife and I are both able to be on the Internet at the same time--from two different rooms of the house!

So as of right now, I am making my first "wireless" update of my weblog.

First off, to let you know: I've finished proofing the galley copy of The Unearthing, and I sent it back to Publish America; pre-production is nearly done; they'll send me some cover art to look at and that should be the final phase before the book goes into production.

And THEN...

The REAL work will begin: Promotion and marketing of The Unearthing.

I have had months to think about this one long and hard; there's still enough money in the bank for me to do at least PART of the marketing strategy I'd devised. Be sure that this means at long last The Experiment will go forward; I expect that before Christmas I'll have books to market and promote...Hopefully I'll have some by the Fall.

I'm waiting until I have physical copies before I detail what my marketing strategy is; rest assured, however, that I will be posting about it here, but only when the time is right.

Until this page!