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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Oh, Lord, finally an update!

I used to be so much better at this narcissistic confessional medium that is blogging. I'm sorry it's been three weeks or more since I last posted. But not for nothing, because I've been busy. Mainly with CONFRONT Magazine stuff, but yes, Ihave been busy.

In my paying job, I've been supervising the implementation of a new software platform that bridges sales and production databases and generally has a whole mess of useful features. However, I'm the dude that has to train everyone on how to use the platform, which means I'm up to my nut in work, my regular sales traffic manager duties plus the training and prep that I have to do.

In my writing life, I'm similarly testicle-deep in work, albeit of the creative variety. For one, since January I've set up and conducted interviews, reviewed several new music albums and arranged to listen to more, and I'm researching and writing material for one feature-length piece, while transcribing an hour's worth of interviews with up and coming World Pop superstar Empire Isis for the sake of another cover article for the magazine.

Mind you, I'm not complaining. I enjoy my work with the magazine, if only because of the opportunity it affords me to listen to new music for free, attend great shows for free, and most of all, because it allows me to meet so many new and downright fascinating people.

I'm a writer. I think that that's part of the reason I'm such a voyeur. Watching Buffy, I used to identify with the Watchers. Reading any of the penny dreadfuls that' Anne Rice has written, I used to identify with the Talamasca. But writing for the magazine, I've gotten to meet and speak with so many different and interesting artists and musicians, each one opening my eyes a little wider, fascinating me a little more each time. As someone whose writing is usually character-driven, let me just say how much I enjoy meeting new people!

However, there's more than just CONFRONT Magazine in my repertoire. And these things require my attention as well. Right now, I'm pitching Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind as a movie, and prepping The Darkness and the Stars for publication. I'm likewise beginning to shop around for potential agents and publishers for the aforementioned Nevermind. On top of that I have two other writing projects that are in development and creation.

Unfortunately, I've been spending so much time working on different projects for the magazine that I've been neglecting most of my other work. That's why I'm going to soon be taking a small sabbatical from the mag. A month off, where the most I'll be contributing is a music review or two. In that time, it is my intention to complete my prep work for Darkness and Nevermind so that I can begin the process of getting one or preferably both of them signed to publishers.

Getting one or both signed before the fall is what I'm aiming for.

This weblog, of course, will start charting the progress of this ambitious and possibly unrealistic attempt. Thus will begin part two fo my Chronicles of an Independent Author.

Talk to you soon.