Saturday, February 14, 2009

Press Release: The Defense Association of Anglophone Quebec Calls for Boycott.

February 14, 2009
The Defense Association of Anglophone Quebec is calling for an immediate boycott, by it's members and the Anglophone community, of all businesses that place the Quebec Office of The French Language "Ici on commerce en francais" campaign stickers in their storefronts.
"Here we conduct business in French" is a clear statement of contempt for the Anglophone minority, and an attempt by the O.Q.L.F. to continue it's mandate of eliminating the English language and culture from Quebec.
The D.A.A.Q. is calling for an additional boycott of all businesses that advertise in Quebec nationalist newspapers. Such as Le Journal de Montreal and Le Devoir. These newspapers are well known for their support of the ethnic cleansing of Quebec, frequently publishing anti-Anglophone propaganda, and spreading intolerance toward the linguistic minority populations of Quebec.
Businesses that utilize their medium for advertising are as equally guilty of promoting intolerance and hatred toward minorities in Quebec.
The D.A.A.Q. will encourage tourists and visitors from all other provinces and territories, The United States, and around the world not spend their money at establishments that take part in the "Ici on commerce en francais" campaign.
Members of the D.A.A.Q. are encouraged to submit names of companies that are endorsing the O.Q.L.F. campaign. And companies that advertise in nationalist newspapers.
The D.A.A.Q. is a provincial, national, and international association of Anglophone-Quebecers; who strive to achieve equality under the provincial laws of Quebec. As well as have our rights as Canadian Citizens enforced without compromise, or hindrance in the Province of Quebec.