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Thursday, January 22, 2009

News of a Kspace Nature

January has been a rather strange month, thusfar. There's been a lot of research and introspection as I've continued to prep to send my next novel off to be published. There's also been a lot of CONFRONT Magazine-related activity, including interviews and album launches, planning out articles, interviewing artists and, of course, music reviews. I've also been busy at my (paying) job, as well as writing "The Aeons War" and occasionally getting more than a couple of hours sleep a night.

I'm on track with my ambition of shipping a novel off to a new publisher, and "Darkness And The Stars" is also going to be pitched to "The Unearthing's" publishers later this year.

But this week something's happened that took me by surprise. For some authors, it would probably be a small thing. Others might scoff because it's taken this long to happen, but nonetheless, what's gone on this week has been particularly exciting and uplifting.

Yesterday and today, I got my first pieces of fan mail, from readers of "The Unearthing".

Now, I'm used to getting fan letters--usually they're fans of some album I've reviewed for CONFRONT who vehemently disagree with my opinion, and they generally take the form of rants and insults. It is the Internet, after all.

But these were notes from people who actually enjoyed what I wrote. Nothing big, nothing overly dramatic, just simple notes from people who enjoyed the novel. It was an is extremely validating to have heard from them; it's encouraging to know that there are people out there who liked to read what I wrote.

So this note is to thank you.