Monday, January 05, 2009

All Too Familiar...

I remember when I decided to get proactive about The Unearthing, and promoting it and by extension myself as best I could, online.

I remember those first halting and tentative evenings hunched over the computer, Googling as many different subject lines relevant to my quest as I could think of.

History repeats itself this evening, as I have just pulled away from the computer aver poring over link after link after link as I start my search for literary representation and potential publishers.

I remember how discouraging it was to filter the pitifully few grains of wheat from the fields and fields of chaff; this time around there seems to be even more chaff...perhaps it's a wheat shortage.

I also know that any agent or publisher I query or submit to will be likewise looking for those few grains of wheat among tonnes of chaff. All the more reason to do my homework, to making sure I get this right.

Most of all, I remember how overwhelming it feels, because that is what I'm feeling right now.

I'll muddle through, and I'll find what I need, because nothing is going to change unless I do.

And that is gradually becoming my new mantra.

Stay tuned.