Monday, September 10, 2007

A long-awaited update...'s been forever since I've filed an update...sorry.

However, last month we landed the opportunity to move out of our rattrap shithole and into a fairly decent if in need of paint and renovating appartment much more conveniently located (between a taxi stand and a bus stop, on a corner with windows on three of the four sides) place. Such being the case, most of August was spent cleaning, painting, de-stuccoing and cleaning and painting and tiling and grouting and bitching and moaning and packing and moving.

Then, when we moved, we had to deal with the consequences of having hired the incompetant thugs of Demenagement Alain Tremblay, a company that I suggest you avoid hiring, ever, under any circumstances. If you live in Rosemont, Hochelaga Maisonneuve, the Plateau Mont Royal or any of the surrounding neighbourhoods, you've seen their big blue box trucks, advertizing $30 an hour moves, any time, any where. Needless to say that once you hire them they charge more than $30 an hour and aren't anywhere near the professionals you might expect. In fact, besides being rude, vulgar, lazy and belligerent, they ripped our sofa, smashed some dishes, scratched our new floors and damaged the computer, necessitating a rather hefty bill for both a new monitor to replace the scrapped one and a new graphics card, to suppor the new monitor. Needless to say we're trying to get money back for our troubles, but I suspect that it's likely to go to court before we see a dime.

So now we're moved, but unfortunately not yet unpacked. The unpacking has begun, but as I'm also working a new job (No longer enslaved to Starbuck's Quebec franchise, owned and operated by the fairly un-friendly-to-their-employees Cafe Vision/ Cafe Elite Corporation which allows me better hours and pays significantly more than the pittance i was getting at Park and Laurier's Starbucks location) I've not had as much chance to do my share of the unpacking, so it goes slowly. I've got ten of roughly twenty book boxes for the office library unpacked, the kitchen's set up and the living room's well on its way to completion, though.

I've sold a couple more copies of The Unearthing, still hoping to sell more, and other than my work with Confront Magazine, I've unfortunately not had time to do much writing. I've reviewed a lot of stuff I've written and have decided I'm going to completely re-start The Aeons War, which is the third volume of The Macrocosm, the series of which Unearthing is volume one; this is owing to the fact that I'm just not happy with the direction what I've thusfar committed to paper has progressed. As I write by hand, unfortunately, this will entail a lot more work. I'll soon be working on the rewrite of Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind, chapters of which can be found at Phyte Magazine.

I'm also having some ideas about a story I wrote and published for the Jumpgate Web Portal a few years ago. The story in question was called Crossroads and for some reason it's started whispering in my ear some seven years after I wrote it. This happens sometimes in the night, as I lay down to sleep. You'll hear more about it, I'm sure as it grows more insistent. You might be able to find it, or portions of it, ins some Internet Archive somewhere...if you look hard enough.

...Yes, Tom, you and Angel both have been at me to revive this one for a long time...However, the story may be significantly different from what you remember.

So that's it for now...I promise a new post a lot sooner than the last one...still, I'm disappointed that fellatio in beer adverts garnered so little a response. Is anybody bloody reading this blog?


WTL said...

[happy dance]
That was some of your best work, I think.

L-Philippe said...

I just want to add a note regarding Demenagement Alain Tremblay, for the benefit of those would try to google out the name for references. I did 3 moves with them. The first 2 went very well, without any problem. As for the 3rd move, we were scheduled for a move between 3 and 5 p.m. The movers finally showed up at 9:00 p.m....! They seemed thoroughly disorganized and had taken on more assignments than what they could handle. None of my stuff was damaged, though; but they have lost two items, one mirror and a valuable poster of mine. So you can hire them, but it is at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

The worst!! Blatant disregard for personal property and lack of professionalism with the tenants. They even threathned the building manager. Not impressed at all! I would absolutely avoid them!