Friday, June 01, 2007


I am pleased this week to pass on some information about my favourite underappreciated rock band, the Warlocks.

This week Bobby Hecksher, frontman and founder of The Warlocks, announced that the band had signed with Tee Pee Records and have been in the studio since last month, recording tracks for a new CD.

My old readers all know that I fell in love with the sound of the Warlocks back in March of last year when I went to see the Sisters of Mercy perform their first show in Montreal in 14 years. The Warlocks were their opening act and I was so taken by their music that I went out and got their whole catalogue.

Every so often I devote a CONFRONT MAGAZINE Broadcast to the band and they’ll be perpetually on my best of lists. Their music is trippy rock and roll, fusing elements from the whole Rock Spectrum: blues, arena, anthem, trip, and metal all into one unique sound.

The Warlocks have been around the better part of ten years, coming together in 1999 when Hecksher joined forces with guitarist Corey Lee, Bassist Jenny Fraser, keyboardist Laura Grigsby, and drummers Bob Mustacio and Jason Anchondo. That’s right: The Warlocks use two drummers—and you can’t believe what that does for their sound!

These guys put out one of the best live shows you can hope to see; none of the ridiculous costume changes, wire-flying and stage theatrics that so many pretentious acts use to cover up their actual lack of stage presence.

And they’ve weathered problems that have crushed other bands, from losing band-mates and lawsuits, to break-ins and thefts to being dumped by their label in the middle of a tour.

The news that they’ve signed to a label that’s put out some of the best acts out there in rock music and that they’re recording new material is something we should all be encouraged by: they don’t sound a thing like any of the acts that are getting attention these days.

Their sound is unique and original, and bloody fresh given the cookie cutter acts mentioned above. It’s just what the music listening public needs right now: something wholly new. The Industry’s been feeding us hamburger for too damn long. It’s going to be nice to sink into a nice, juicy steak.

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