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Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Jeunes Patriotes are traitors...

Tomorrow in most of the Commonwealth is Queen Victoria's Birthday, or Victoria Day

However, as usual, here in the French Separatist bastion of Quebec, the racist and anti-Canada squad of traitorous fiends, cowards and intellectually challenged inbred French farmers, the day has been renamed "La Journee Des Patriotes" and is a celebration of Quebec Separatism.

The theme of this year's little Hitler Youth style "A Bas Les Maudits Anglais" and "Canada Sucks Hostie Tabarnac" Jean-Guy Pepper rally is "Quebec Not' Seul Pays" or "Quebec: Our Only Country"

Basically these ignorant savage bigots ignore that twice in thirty years the people of this PROVINCE have voted to REMAIN CANADIAN and not for their separatist option of turning Quebec into a North American Belgrade of ethnic cleansing and anti-English hatred.

Over the last thirty years in Quebec, I've seen a very deliberate and patient hostility towards the English, the Jews, Non-Catholics and anyone else who isn't a "Pure Laine" Quebecois. Basically, the French people in the province, descendants all of criminals and mental patients exiled from France to live in the Colonies, seem to think that, despite all the special treatment they receive from Canada, that they're getting a raw deal. They're dissatisfied that they've criminalized English comemrcial signs, made it impossible for people to choose whether t heir children are educated in English or in French, made it impossible for me to get government service, health care or even a fucking cup of Coffee at Starbucks unless I do so by speaking French.

The litany of crimes against the English Community committed by the government and French speaking people of this Province is long and disgusting. From renaming English streets after French Separatist icons to ERASING WHOLE TOWNS FROM THE MAP, the Quebec Government and separatist traitor organizations like the Societe St Jean Baptiste, Jeunes Patriotes and other evolved-from-the-terrorist-FLQ Movement has made it their sole object to make the English Speaking community, a long-standing historic community, unwelcome in their own home.

The little French Patriotes are staging a jamboree tomorrow in honour of their patriotism. Little to these seditious fucking bastards realize that they are in fact traitors to the greatest fucking country on Earth, the only country that would allow their obnoxious language and traditions and so-called "culture" to continue to exist as a festering boil on the rest of the country.

That country is CANADA, and tomorrow, on Patriot's Day, I indend to FLY THE FLAG PROUDLY.

This is CANADA you separatist motherfucks! GO BACK TO FRANCE if you don't like it!


T said...

while I can understand your angst, having been in Quebec again for the last six months, I'd have to simply offer you a quote:

"Really Doctor, you must learn to govern your passions, they will be your undoing"

WTL said...

I somehow doubt France would have them back.