Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I can't keep it in any more...I HATE the homeless...

...except for very few cases, these bums are the architects of their own misery.

And, having several use the sidwalk outside the coffee shop I work at as a base of operations, I also know that many of them earn more in a day than a lot of us. The number of people stupid enough to give them $5 or more, buy them groceries, and gush all over them...White Lexus Liberal guilt at its finest.

What none of these insipid bleeding hearts realize is what fncking parasites these "homeless" are...taking us all for a ride.

Given the level of disrespect and contempt that they display to society and to the very fools who soon part with their money to feed these filth? I work for a living, and I earn every goddamn cent I make and I'm barely able to scrape by! These bastards just sit around all day and wait to be GIVEN everything to them! WHAT respect are they deserving of? The only reason I don't want to see them rounded up and shot is because I'm opposed to capital punishment.

If it were up to me the homeless would be rounded up and put to work in labour camps, along with most prisoners, in order to train them to become productive members of society.