Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Friendz iz Better Than Internetz

With the help of my friend WTL over in Ottawa, I was able to solve a problem I was having with my The Matrix Revisited DVD. Namely, I was having a digital rights management issue.

On the DVD are some forty-plus audio tracks that were either featured in or listened to while writing the Matrix series of films.

Anyone who knows me knows how big a freak I am for the Matrix movies. Understandibly, I wanted to upload these tracks from the DVD to my computer so that I could listen to them on my MP3 player.

But...nothing I could figure out would get the tracks free...checking the DVD's root structure...nothing I could do found me the tracks.
So, of course, I put a call in to the man that Google turns to when it needs to find something, my buddy WTL.

While I was busy searching the Internetz for things like "How to extract music files from a DVD" or "matrix revisited music tracks", which to me seems self-explanatory, but the Googles seemed to think I was looking for other things than how to get the music files off of MY DVD and onto MY MP3 player.

WTL walked me thru a couple of steps, then suggested I look for an open-sourced audio sampling software. Well that's how I found Audacity, a lovely open-source software that allows you to record any audio source on or connected to your computer to the hard drive.
What took me hours of frustration, WTL was able to help me solve in minutes. I guess that's why he runs a business that is very descriptive of his talents, Technomages. They run software and website design out of Ottawa, but in this age of magic internetz tubes you don't have to be in Ottawa to get their services...check them out if you're looking to set up a website, looking for to make your existing site W3C Compliant.

Needless to say I'm now able to extract the audio files from the DVD to my computer and import them to my MP3. YAY! It's going to take for friggin' ever, but it's still worth it.

Now, WTL might not believe in supernatural aparitions in office building windows in Montreal, but he sure as hell knows his way around them their Internetz tubes.


WTL said...

Teach a man to fish... ;-)

Glad I could help.