Tuesday, March 25, 2008

25 New Readers EVERY DAY!

As of the time of this posting, 537 people have downloaded The Unearthing from any of the 5 current sites either hosting or linking to the novel.

Since Friday's post, I've added another a new hosting site,, as well as another 107 readers. That's an average of 26.25 readers a day, but let's call it 25 a day, for the sake of a good headline!

Steve Upham, who runs the ScreamingDreamsPublishing Online, will soon be linking back to this blog from his author's page index, along with mentioning the link to the primary download site. My heartfelt thanks to him.

Every day, the measured success of The Unearthing continues to grow. I"m thrilled, if only because I am fulfilling a lifelong ambition: to have my writing read. As I said, we'll see next quarter whether or not online book downloads translates into paper-book purchases. If it does, so much the better, if not, so what?

Now, I would ask that those of you reading the ebook please send me your comments; you can do so either to this weblog or to the offical page for The Unearthing; but what I would like is to hear from you. Feedback, positive or negative, is welcome and appreciated--so long as you've actually taken the time to read the book.

Until next time!


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Tamara said...

I love the flow of your writing. I will definitely check out your ebook.

Pangtastic! said...

i have posted this for download at my site as well for people who into science fiction in the miscellaneous downloads section.

keep writing books!

Pangtastic said...

i've also added this for people to access an download @ my website

you can see the post in action here

keep writing books