Thursday, September 28, 2006

...And we are in operation--sort of...

Well folks, with the release of The Unearthing imminent, the updates for this weblog will probably be with increasing frequency.

Today, I got my complimentary copies of my book. They came in the mail, just as I was about to leave for work.

My mom was promised the first copy, which leaves me with one. However, on my first order of books -- providing I buy over $50 -- I will recieve a 50% discount.

This, you see, is how Publish America makes most of its money.

Where the shortsighted see a scam, I see an opportunity.

First, I am currently working (Namely asking advice of friends and associates who know something about marketing and publicity) on a marketing strategy that is within my since-losing-my-job-at-Bell finances (piddling to nil), including, of course, sending copies of the book out to be reviewed by certain papers and by certain genre websites, fansites and other online resources, not to mention strategic "dropping" of the book in certain coffee shops, book-stores, planning a waayy cool launch party, etc.

In order to make any of the above marketing strategies (Among others not yet "official") come true, I need to have several copies of the book on hand. I am therefore trying to raise capital to fund a major book purchase. I need money, ladies and gentlemen.

I'm not asking for money, either. I'm asking you to buy books. I am willing to pass my savings onto you. Click on the link at the top of this blog to order my book through me (PayPal required). You'll pay $20.00 USD + S&H; a savings of 20% off Amazon!

Can't afford it? Okay, tell you what: Click on the button ABOVE the blog, the "Donate to Kspace Now" button and send what you want; I'll send YOU an electronic copy of the book (A $12.00 value) absolutely FREE!

Don't want to send money? EMAIL ME with some advice--or the names of people with a lot of disposable income who are looking for a write-off to invest into!

The Internet's kind of like PBS...except I don't have Kermit the Frog to tell you why I need your money to bring you quality programming.

Come on, people! I need you now, more than ever!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Launch Date Confirmed: November 13 2006

The Unearthing
Steve Karmazenuk
A massive alien artifact is discovered beneath the desert outside of Laguna, New Mexico. Before its existence can be concealed, the object unearths itself and news of the discovery is leaked to the international media.
As religious leaders strive to reconcile the artifact’s existence with their faiths, and governments wrestle over its many secrets and how to exploit them, ordinary men and women around the world struggle to make sense of a perpetual onslaught of live and unfiltered news broadcasts about the object.
When a survey team is sent in to examine and explore it, they discover that not only is the artifact still operational, but it is conscious and has been waiting for tens of millions of years…

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Experiment: The Countdown Begins.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present to you the next exciting installment of the Steve Karmazenuk Experiment To Independantly Publish and Successfully Market His Novel, The Unearthing; The Experiment for short.

The news is beyond good. The final burst of "Hurry Up and Wait" has happened: The book went to press on Monday. It is oddly fitting that a book that I have worked so hard on, worked so dilligently thusfar to promote and produce, would go to press on the Eleventh of September, five years after The Event.

And although I promise to return to topic and talk about What Comes Next, I would like to comment on the date, itself.

September 11 is not just about the fall of the Twin Towers, but the Towers themselves are part of a greater symbology than one might think.

Yes, they are a symbol of the worst tragedy in modern American history; yes, they are a symbol of a moment that galvanized a nation and plunged the world into chaos. They are a symbol of heroes: the firemen and policemen who suffered the Ultimate Sacrifice, the brave men and women in uniform who followed, both in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In a very real sense the Fall of the Towers is a symbol of great change; change that comes at a terrible price.

That is certainly the meaning of the card, The Tower in most standard Tarot Decks. But there is only one Tower in a Tarot deck; so for two towers to fall, the card's alternate meaning, when the card is reversed, would be the one we would need to look at: A change for the BETTER that comes at a Terrible price.

And the date itself: September 11th; many, many important and significant events have happened on that day.

Let's look at a few:

--in 1226, eight hundred years ago this year, the Roman Catholic Church began the practice of perpetual adoration, a most significant religious vigil.

--in 1609, explorer and friend to all Canadian shoppers Henry Hudson landed on Manhattan Island.

--in 1773, Benjamin Franklin's satirical essay Rules by Which A Great Empire May Be Reduced To A Small One was printed for the first time, by The Public Advertizer.

--In 1814 the Battle of Plattsburgh ended, thus ending the War of 1812.

--In 1906, one hundred years ago, Mahatma Gandhi started the Non-Violence movement, Satyagraha.

--In 1943 the Nazis began liquidation operations in the ghettos of Minsk and Lida.

--In 1962 the Beatles recorded their first single, Love Me Do.

--Three years later on September 11 1965 the First Cavalry Division of the US Army arrived in Viet Nam.

Clearly, many great and terrible things have happened on this day. I hope that the ever-changing historical significance of this one day will carry with it some power to change my fate, once again.

September 11 2006: The Unearthing by Steve Karmazenuk goes to press.

November 13 2006: Official launch date ofThe Unearthing.

Another post will soon follow, outlining the next steps.

Monday, September 11, 2006

11 September, 2006

On this day I hope that I am not alone in my belief that we all just want to live our lives in peace.

On this day I hope that I am not alone in my belief that our similarities are more important than our differences.

On this day I hope that I am not alone in the knowledge that if we all just took the time to listen to one another we can accomplish miracles.

On this day...
I Know I'm Not Alone.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

...And now for your moment of Zen:

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


By clicking the button below you will be pre-ordering
"The Unearthing"
by Steve Karmazenuk
for $10.00 USD.

The payment will be applied to the purchase price of
"The Unearthing"
when the book is released this fall, from Publish America.

You will be notified by email when the transaction is completed

A massive alien artifact is discovered beneath the desert outside of Laguna, New Mexico. Before its existence can be kept secret, the artifact unearths itself and news of the discovery is leaked to the international media.

Religious leaders struggle to fit the alien artifact into the context of their beliefs. Governments wrestle over the artifact’s secrets and how to exploit them. Ordinary men and women around the world are forced to confront the new reality as events unfold live and unfiltered during global news broadcasts.

And when a survey team is sent in to examine and explore the artifact, they discover that not only is it still operational, but it is conscious and has been waiting for tens of millions of years...


"The Unearthing"



Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Coming Soon...

I must once again apologize, dear readers, for the delay in between postings.

However, this post will reveal all--at least, all that I wish to reveal.

First, I have been, of late, blessed to be working on many projects at once. Some of them could easily be classed as long-term, however I believe you will be excited to hear about some short-term projects of mine, now available on that Internet thing they're always jawing about:

CONFRONT Magazine Online just debuted, along with a scathing attack by myself, against the latest offering from Bob Dylan.

This week I'll be reviewing KASBIAN's latest offering, "Empire" and introducing a new feature to my article, "What You Should Listen To", my own personal pick of a new, old, or even bootleg CD you should listen to.

And over at PHYTE Magazine, I'm told a major site redesign will now feature a new look (AND NEW CHAPTERS!!) for Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind.

As well, PHYTE will also feature an article about the self-publishing of The Elder Staves, as well as a review of the book, itself.

As I went to my favourite cafe the other night, I happened upon an intriguing film by Michael Franti, titled I know I'm Not Alone, for which I will be writing another article for PHYTE magazine. I'll also be interviwing the fascinating Deborah Bassett, whose dedication made her invaluable to the effort to screen I know I'm Not Alone here in Montreal.

And finally, I've heard from many of you that you'd like to have a downloadable version of Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind made available to you. Well take heart! Very soon I will be offering Nevermind for sale as a downloadable ebook, from both this site AND PHYTE Magazine!

Until then, True Believers, EXCELCIOR!