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Monday, April 24, 2006

PHYTE's On...

On behalf of my friends Eon_5 and _te_ and the gang of madmen (and women) at Be - Communications I am proud to announce the official launch of PHYTE Magazine!

PHYTE Magazine is launching with a preview of the adventures of Ante-Rockstar, a weblog, video diary (and possibly podcast) about one woman's journey to try and become a rock star.

(and now, for some shameless self-promotion)

PHYTE will also very shortly be featuring Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind; my own contribution to the online revolution: The complete version of the e-book that you've been previewing from here will be available to read (and for sale) from their site.

But PHYTE is also going to offer news and reviews, lifestyle information as well as offering a host of new, innovative content delivered in revolutionary fashion.

I'm lucky enough to have been named as a partner in PHYTE Magazine's continued growth and development; I'm proud to say that I'm in, if not on the ground floor, at least on the lower mezzanine. The gang at Be - Communications and PHYTE Magazine are on to something. Log in and see for yourselves.