Tuesday, December 13, 2005

News From All Over

So I'm taking a break from my hectic schedule (re-formatting The Unearthing) to give a quick update. First, I have opened up a new dimension in K Space: the K Space Movie Reviews. I assume you're all astute enough to figure out what's going to happen over there...

And, the gossip mill at my office means that I'm a minor celebrity, or at least an idle curiosity; so far I'm averaging 3 people a day asking me about the book. My email campaign is progressing, and thanks to all my well-wishers for, well, wishing me...umm...well.

I'm also hapy to report that my publishers mailed out the written contract today, so I'll be signing that in a week or two. Likewise, they asked me to forward them some info on the local papers so that they could send out a press release about me signing--I get the impression this is standard protocol on their part, but it's thrilling nonetheless.

Okay...not much of a blog entry, and probably not that educational for you--but hey! At least it's writing-related!

I promise to have some more "content driven" posts in the near future...probably after the holiday madness dies down.