Tuesday, February 08, 2011

AMAZON Replies...and I write them back...

News as follows: Amazon replied regarding Peter Michelsen's theft of my work. What follows is their reply (in blue); beneath that, my reply to their latest.

Dear Mr. Karmazenuk,

Thank you for your message.  Please be advised that we are in the process of removing the following Kindle titles from

The Unearthing [Kindle Edition] ASIN: B004JF4NUK

It typically takes 2-3 days for a listing to disappear once it has been removed from our catalog. We trust this will bring this matter to a close.

Adrian Garver

Copyright/Trademark Agent

Thank you for tending to this matter.

However, merely removing Mr Michelsen's plagiaristic entry from your webpage is insufficient. I intend to pursue all legal avenues available to me against Mr Michelsen, and to that end will need the details of Mr Michelsen's account: specifically, the number of sales of ebooks he has completed for The Unearthing, as well as his full legal name and contact/mailing information.

Likewise, I have discovered that another of my eBooks, Through Darkness And Stars, is being sold through your site - purportedly by me.

The link is here:

Needless to say, the person selling this book is NOT me; I'm shocked that you would allow anyone to sell an eBook through your site without verifying they are in fact the copyright owners of the work in question. Especially considering that the book lists itself as "The Sequel to the Unearthing" and it is not on the same "Steve Karmazenuk" author account as "The Unearthing". Along with the removal of "Through Darkness and Stars" from your listings I will need the details of the bogus Steve Karmazenuk as I've requested for Peter Michelsen.

I look forward to your prompt reply.


Steve Karmazenuk