Monday, May 17, 2010

Possible cover art for Oh Well, Whatever Nevermind...

Yeah...going for a concert-poster kind of feel for the cover. Any readers out there who'd care to comment, you're more than welcome (Comments are moderated but there's little I won't publish)



sidy yaya traore said...

Like the cover, but isn't this book supose to be a follow up to "Through Darkness and Stars"? or will this be a totally different book

Steve Karmazenuk said...

Hi, sidy!

This is a completely different book; different universe altogether.

Non-genre, set in the 1990s, about 6 friends in Montreal, during the Grunge era.

There used to be chapters available through a now-sadly-defunct alternative-lifestyles website called; the full novel had always been intended to be released, which I'll be doing this summer.

In the meantime, progress continues this afternoon; I'm at the cafe for a couple of hours uninterrupted writing.

sidy said...

can't wait to read that novel sound like a great story already, keep us posted on the big date

Eon said...

I love it! the cover that is