Monday, April 05, 2010

Just the review, then: Envy on the Coast

Quiet week this week; did a little work on Aeons War but that was about it. I'll have an update soon about Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind, though, I promise!

Envy On The Coast: Lowcountry

We at CONFRONT Magazine first encountered the awesome that is Envy On The Coast when they opened for 30 Seconds To Mars during 30STM’s 2006 tour in support of ‘A Beautiful Lie’. At the time, Envy had a self-titled EP out and a killer hit song, “Temper, Temper”. We were all blown away by their set, and I quite enthusiastically reviewed their first album, ‘Lucy Gray’ when it was released in August of 2007.

My main criticism with that album was that its driving intensity was a tad overwhelming; it wasn’t tempered with the kind of carefree exuberance we’d seen at the live show or heard on their EP. Well I’m very glad to say that on ‘Lowcountry’, Envy On The Coast have maintained that intensity previously heard on ‘Lucy Gray’ and honed it with a good deal more of that rockin-good-time feel.

There are a couple of versions of the album out there; a regular release and a deluxe edition. I unfortunately didn’t get to hear the deluxe album, which has an additional 4 tracks. If those 4 are anything like the 13 I did listen to, I recommend you go out and get the deluxe version, if you can.

Envy On The Coast are masters of lyrical imagery and musical punctuation. They put both to great use on the tracks on ‘Lowcountry’, with some of the best being delivered on the tracks “The Devil’s Tongue”, “The Great American T-Shirt Racket”, “Southern Comfort”, “Made of Stone” and, hidden at the end of Track 12, “Just South of Heaven”.

Most of what I’ve been listening to has been brilliant. The only track I don’t like is a strange interstitial which consists of a few voicemail recordings. Titled “*” I cannot for the life of me understand its purpose. That one track aside, this is a fantastic album and an incredible follow-up to ‘Lucy Gray’.

Envy On The Coast: Lowcountry
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Steve’s Rating: 9/10