Thursday, August 06, 2009

Strangeness Abounds...

Apropos of nothing, I received the following text (translated from Japanese into English thanks to the Babelfish) in an email:

Our 们 为. 您 stopping. Offering/accompanying 网. 络 Most 广. 泛 运 Business 强. 势 广. Announcement throwing. 递 clothes. 务! 专. 业 互 联 网 电. Child 广. Announcement trust. 函 无 尘 desk. The room it is pleasant. The sending, it is pleasant. Fast model/imitation. Formula (每 10 days 发. Sending 50,000,000 seal) 标. Associate model/imitation. Formula (每. Month 发. Sending 50,000,000 seal) Before. Period associate. 备 您 Merely. Demand 拟. Fixed contents, 确. Stand 醒 eye 标. 题 Fixed. Manuscript empress stand. Carving/moment 开 it begins, throwing. Releasing, same. Sending. Same. 达. Germany. House 邮. Mark dice. Collection skill. 术 Finishing. All fixed. Direction throwing. 递 Spirit. Associate degree 极. High. 更. Multi 详. Feeling giving amount. 类 价. Case 请 going/participating.
010-5126. - 8243 137.168.98811 2009-08-0711: 10: 07