Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Language War

Please, everyone, take the time to read the vulgar interview on page 7 of today's journal Métro - the free daily.

It is with Michel Brulé, who has written--and published--a hateful book, an anti-English diatribe that is nothing short of hate speech.

By definition, hate speech is anything that incites discrimination or violence against anyone on the basis of their race, gender, sex, sexual orientation or religious or political affiliation.

I believe that definition includes language, culture, history and heritage. These are the things that are now at stake for the anglo communities of Quebec. We must stand united.

His book is the definition of hate speech. It is there, in black and white. We MUST challenge this book, it's author and it's publishers. We must boycott anyone who sells this thing, we must boycott anyone who advertises it or who allocates this swine any license to spread his hate.

He is an avowed "Enemy of English" and he considers himself to be "At WAR" against the English. This man is an obviously deranged and hate-filled individual, and a danger to our community's survival.

This will also test the resolve of the Canadian government. If they let this kind of sewage stand, they are in fact condoning our continued ethnic cleansing by attrition.

War has been declared on us. As they want to spread propaganda and lies akin to the anti-Jewish books, leaflets and beer-hall speeches of Germany in the 1920s, we must use the same media, internet, cable television, print, radio, celebrity, etc to spread the simple truth of our peoples, our histories, our heritage and our plight.

Here is the link to the fucking story:

We must stop this.

We are out of time.