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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Only one possible topic tonight on the Blogosphere...

God knows I'm ecstatic that Obama's won, if only because it represents the end of an error, namely the last eight years of divisive, violent, incompetent and corrupt administrations in American history.

Obama has consistently talked of dialogue; sitting down with America's enemies to address their grievances. He has talked about reuniting the country, of helping the poor, of working to heal the environment. Obama is the right man for the right time.

And yes, it is a wonderful moment for Black Americans that Barack Obama will be the first Black President. But how shameful is it that it has taken so long for a Black man to be elected President? How shameful is it that America has never had a minority President? Or a woman President?

Let us hope that this is a step forward into the future. Let us hope that America once more becomes a beacon unto the world. But let us also not forget how long it has long it has taken for a Black man to get elected to President.


Eon said...

for myself, i would not want to be in his shoes..

that poor man has to not only live up "the Savior" the voters hope he is but also, live up to being the first black president and clean up after bush..

I hope the voters are as patient and understanding with him, in the face of these monumental tasks.

Dai Alanye said...

[Let's try again, as the first one didn't seem to take.]

What a simplistic example of conventional wisdom. Insofar, that is, as the concept of wisdom can apply to unthinking acceptance of the predominant media legend.

It's now three+ years later, and obvious to all what some of us knew from the beginning---that Obama was in no way prepared for the Presidency. Even I, however, had no hint of how ignorant he was of the most basic economics.

Without his teleprompter he can't give an articulate speech, he has hidden as much of his background as possible, and he shows no firm loyalty to anyone beyond himself and his immediate family. He's plainly narcissistic, and not half the man of his predecessor.

I'm going to take a look at The Unearthing now, and I expect to be disappointed with that as well.