Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mystery Music

I call upon my readers and music aficionados to help me out, this week.

A lot of the time we have to rely on free play music sites like or or in order to review an album for our site. Such was the case this week, when I went to to listen to Sum 41’s latest offering, ‘Underclass Hero’.

Right now (unless has repaired the mistake), when you click on the free-play for Sum 41’s new album, what you end up listening to most definitely is NOT ‘Underclass Hero’.

When I listened to it, I knew it wasn’t what I was looking for, but the haunting, acoustic guitar and folk-music sensibilities of the mystery album were so poetic, so moving that I had to discover what it was.

I scoured trying to line up the music; I Googled the first stanza of the first song, “I met a girl on Halloween / When she was lost and I was drunk / And it was dark and cold out when we left…” and I still wasn’t able to find out what it was!

I’m asking everyone to go to to listen to it (where, hopefully, it remains misclassified) and if anyone recognizes the artist, please reply to this post or email me, thanks!

Whatever this mystery album is and whoever the artist is, I want to be able to encourage them by buying the CD and be able to post the rave review I think the album deserves.

To do that though, I need YOUR help!


WTL said...

You could contact and ask them what it was. Maybe they would know.

Steve Karmazenuk said...

I did, actually; never heard back from them.

Steve Karmazenuk said...

Update: Thanks to the cooperation of forum members and the tireless and dogged research of the CONFRONT MAGAZINE crew, I now know that the music was by Seawolf, and was apparently an accidental leak of their as-yet unreleased album, "Leaves in the River".