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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another update from the Kspace Universe…

So after an entertaining conversation with one of my counterparts, a truly insane poet named Tammie, I have come up with a new writing project, into which Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind will be retrofitted.

We were discussing mutual friends, and how one of our friends is basically doing the “return to the earth” thing, in of all places, downtown Toronto. I laughingly exclaimed that our friend was “Kibbutzing in Urban Toronto”.

The great ideas are born out of the strangest things…

We are now going to collaborate on a series of novels set in cities around Canada, in different places of note.

Tammie is going to write one named after my exclamation, Kibbutzing in Urban Toronto. In order to introduce the series, Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind will be sub-titled Kibbutzing in Downtown Sainte Anne’s.

Meanwhile, I will be hard at work at either the second or third volume (Depending on which of us finishes first), Kibbutzing in Urban Montreal. This novel will involve a few ideas from a few different stories I’ve tried to write in the last two years. Other than the aforementioned Nevermind and the follow up to my on-sale-now The Unearthing, I’ve not been able to successfully (writing it from beginning to end) complete any writing project I’ve started, since 2005. I think now that with the Kibbutzing series, I may now have an outlet for all these ideas, when filtered into a concept for a “real world” based novel I’ve wanted to write for a while.

The ironic thing is how similar the genesis for this as of yet untitled story is to the genesis of Nevermind

Hopefully we’ll find other authors, and come up with a complete Kibbutzing in Canada series.

However, Margaret Atwood need not apply; madam, you are indeed one of Canada’s greatest authors and post-feminist writers, but your books are just too dull…I may never match your caliber, but I know I’m better at pacing.

In other news, I have to announce that I have discovered the ultimate vengeance. Nearly one year after having been laid off from Bell Canada, I have been hired by a telemarketing campaign to call Bell subscribers and ask them to switch to Rogers…

In the words of the Great Morpheus: Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.