Saturday, November 18, 2006

Time to let you all know what's been going on...

I know, I know...the Kspace Universe has seen a lot of "trial balloons" get thrown up of late...the whole podcast thing (dead) the wi-fi coop thing (status unknown) and given very little follow-through with the marketing of The Unearthing as I had promised to do.

The truth is I've managed to get to work on a lot of writing related projects, while I try to come up with about three grand so that I can actually launch the marketing of my book.

See, I need to order many copies, so that I can send them out to be reviewed by newspapers, magazines, websites and fansites, as well as do a proper book reading or two.

In the meantime, I've also become a lot more involved with Confront Magazine, where under the moniker of Steve K. I've been working as a music critic and recently, I've picked up additional duties now as a rock reporter; I've done interviews with Idle Sons and Mobile. I gotta say, being able to go backstage at these rock venues and chill with the guys behind the scenes is pretty neat.

Part One of the Idle Sons interview is up right now, with part two to follow later this week; you should check it out.

I wish I had more good news about The Unearthing; I wish I had ANY news about The Unearthing. I've sold a few copies, at least I think I have; the number of copies that Amazon keeps in stock goes up and down on a weekly basis. SOMEBODY's reading it, and to the ten of you, let me say thank you.

I hope I'm not related to more than six of you.

I promise...I am keeping this's not going to go dead...but how about you guys show a little love and buy a book or two?