Sunday, June 18, 2006

Taking the PHYTE on the Road!

My wife Angel and I will be joining our friends Kevin and Tammie will be heading up to Edgefest this coming weekend.

We're doing this in part because Angel is the music editor for PHYTE Magazine and she will be interviewing music acts 30 Seconds to Mars, Hedley and Matchbook Romance. Likewise, PHYTE Magazine will also be reviewing the overall Edgefest Experience and I'm sure we can count on Tammie, AKA the ANTE-Rockstar for some colour commentary. We're all going to Edgefest and we're all going to have something to say about it for PHYTE.

PHYTE Magazine, you'll recall, is the online home of my novel, Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind.

In other PHYTE-related news, I'll be interviewing author Steven Oliverez about the success of his novel, The Elder Staves. Steven, like me, is an independant author who used the New Media, viral campaigning as well as traditional grassroots campaigning to promote his book; he's listed as one of's top 100.

As for my other project, The Unearthing, well I'm still waiting to hear from Publish America, but the last news I had was the book was indeed in pre-production and the galley copy could show up in my inbox at any time.

You'll notice that the Donate To Kspace button has made a return. This is because I'm leaving no avenue unexplored in my attempt to fund the promotion of my novel. So while you're reading this, why not make a donation? The universe you save might be your own.