Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just A Quick Update...

Welcome back to K Space. Our regular readers already know all about the book project for The Unearthing (Formerly known as The Artifact), so let's move on to some new developments.

Originally, I wrote and copyrighted The Unearthing under a completely different name: it was originally called The Macrocosm. If things go well, I will perhaps one day explain why.

In any case, the story - when I'd originally finished writing it - was copyrighted with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office as The Macrocosm. However, as it was picked up by Publish America and I need to provide them with proof of copyright, I had to file an ammendment to my original copyright, to have the name changed (retroactively) to The Artifact.

All did not go according to plan.

Bless their hearts, the bureaucrats at the CIPO try, they surely do. They just don't try hard enough.

In order to ammend a copyright, you have to send in a NEW copyright application. Only in the dialogue box where you put the title you have to put all your registry info about your book, in a brief note explaining that you want to ammend the title, and why.

Then you pay $50 (if filing online - $65 otherwise) and they send you a new certificate.

In theory.

I did all the above. I am now the proud owner of a copyright on Please ammend the title of "The Macrocosm" (reg no. ########) to "The Unearthing", for purposes of publication. tax dollars (and registration fees) at work.

I'll be calling the CIPO in the morning.

In other news related to The Unearthing, I recieved my token advance on royalties from Publish America: A crisp, new $1.00 bill. Ah, America; how I envy you not having the dollar coin like we Canucks do... Looks so much nicer when framed.

Anyway, that's all that's been going on in ){ - Space today. Talk to you real soon!