Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Kontinuing Kronicles of K Space

Well you'll be noticing several changes to my weblog shortly. As they've generated ZERO revenue, I'm removing the Google Ads at the top and bottom of my blog. The Google Search Bar will remain, though. The PayPal donation box is going and I'll probably be changing the template as well.

Why? Well, despite the underwhelming response to my previous blog entry, I have gotten the message that something here isn't working. So I'm going to play around with the content and the layout and the topics discussed here.

(Paul, BTW, I'll PM you @ FWF; you're the only person to take the time to reply to my post and I think that deserves something.)

Among other changes is the addition of a link to my new MySpace account.

On my trip up to Toronto over the weekend, to visit my friends Kevin and Tammie, Kevin introduced me to MySpace. The goal of the MySpace account is to increase my online visibility and hopefully generate a little pre-sale buzz about my book. It's also a chance to network with other people with similar interests and hopefully generate a little more traffic here, to this site.

Obviously these changes will be ongoing; I'd still like your input and suggestions to improve this site, as well as the sub-dimensions of K-Space, namely the Book Reviews and Movie Reviews sections. As much as this site is to promote myself and my work, I'm also (hopefully) providing something entertaining and informative for you, my readers. So come on guys!